Welcome to my new forum, a window to my art and world! I will be contributing periodically; and, I plan to make the read fun and meaningful.  Why “Painting, Prayer, and Purrs” you say?  Painting….right!!  Prayer….because, it is my lifeline….hasn’t always been so, but more about that later!  Purrs….because Punkin and Posey would never forgive their exclusion here! “The little engines that could”, those little purr machines!

When I was a child I decided early on that I was going to be an artist! I felt that I had no particular beauty….no smarts…no courage…. just a little girl with a big dream.  As I look back at my life, I realize that the very hand of The Almighty has been leading, loving, and supporting me all of my life….providing what I call God purrs.  He has been doing the same for you. Some of you hear them and some haven’t……..yet.

Blog or Blob?  Below is one of my first drawings!  I’m sure you have them too. The blobs on the wallpaper are actually not blobs at all….but two of my very first flowers!  I guess I’ve come a long way Baby!  I’ll be back later! I can’t thank you guys enough for visiting my blog!   Purrs! Marcia


  1. Marcia, I enjoyed reading your journey as an artist! Your are so incredibly talented! Saying prayers for Punkin….

    • Hi Wanda,
      Thanks so much for reading…and writing …and praying! You know the love of cats! He is surely my baby, but I realize his days are numbered!
      I love your comments on Facebook! You are accomplished, wise, yet real and an absolute hoot!! AOT

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